GamesDriving School Simulator MOD APK (Unlimited Money Coins) 11.2

Driving School Simulator MOD APK (Unlimited Money Coins) 11.2

Driving School Simulator MOD APK (Unlimited Money Coins) 11.2
App Name Driving School Simulator
Latest Version v.10.13
Publisher Ovidiu Pop
Requirements Android 5.1 Android 5.1
Category Games Games
Size 1.27 GB
Mod Unlimited Money
Google Playstore

4.6 Rating (424) Votes

4.6 Rating (424 Votes )
Price: $ 0
Driving School Simulator MOD APK gives players the opportunity to experience the thrills of driving school without any limitations through extensive in-game modifications. This includes unlocking unlimited currency, resources and premium features like all vehicles, VIP status, and removing ads. The mods take the authentic driving simulation to the next level by allowing endless personalization and gameplay anytime, anywhere.

Driving School Simulator – Unlimited Resources and Premium Features Unlocked

With this modification installed, players will be thrilled to discover an endless wallet added to their driver profile. Upon opening the car shop menu, instead of seeing price tags next to each new vehicle, the mod dynamically adjusts the values to show “Free”. Players can browse through over a hundred licensed cars from all categories without needing any virtual cash. Further, all aftermarket parts and performance modules have been set to zero costs as well.

Gamers no longer need do daily missions or watch ads for coins just to afford a new turbo kit. Now during each driving session, they’ll have full liberty to experiment with different engine swaps, suspension tweaks and aesthetic customization across endless exotic machines. The modification leverages dynamic inventory adjustments to cleverly remove all cost restrictions. It even adds some humorous text alerts like “Your mechanic says upgrades are on the house today!” whenever excessive modification is done.

Overall, this unlimited funds hack delivers on its promise by ensuring driving fans can truly enjoy customizing dream rides without pesky financial limitations in their way.


Unlimited Funds for Vehicles and Upgrades

One of the main challenges of most driving school games is the scarcity of in-game currency to purchase new vehicles and accessories. This forces players to grind for hours just to afford basic upgrades. However, with the unlimited money mod installed, players of Driving School Simulator can now buy any car or part instantly without worrying about costs. With deep config settings, the mod generates unlimited coins, cash and gold at the tap of a button. This allows free experimentation with exotic super cars as well as tuning budget vehicles. Players can now fully customize their rides with the mod’s unlimited funds.

Unlocked VIP Membership and Premium Lessons

Through this modification, a permanent “VIP For Life” badge gets added to all player profiles. In the unmodified game, only those who paid real world money could get short term VIP access with some restricted perks. However, thanks to this mod, gamers will now gain lifetime platinum tier membership, equivalent to spending thousands of in-game currency.

They no longer need to wait 24 hours to restart prestigious license tests. Advanced circuit training and rally cross tutorials open up instantly for unlimited practice. Even more exciting is access to all prototype cars and secret test tracks reserved only for VIPs. With every game mode fully unlocked, players can jump straight into competitive online ranked matches with souped up heroescars without any limitations. The modification also tweaks player profiles to erase all cool down timers between lessons and auto-complete prerequisites. This allows truly unrestricted learning and fun across varied environments.

Overall, with full game access enabled for good, simulation fans can now indulge freely without recurring VIP fees or wait periods holding them back.

Unlimited Gas and No Vehicle Maintenance Costs

One of the most annoying restrictions in driving games is dealing with limited gas and repair costs after every trip. This mod removes such barriers by providing unlimited fuel and free maintenance. Players can now blaze down virtual streets and push vehicles to their max without worrying about financial costs. Rush from one side of the huge open world to another in hyper cars without any disruptions. Modifying vehicles to their fullest without performance limitations.

Premium Cars Unlocked

In the vast 3D depots of luxury dealerships as well as hidden prototype garages, over 150 authentically modeled vehicles await to be added to driver’s expansive collections. The modification helps fast track this process by directly unlocking all cars and trucks straight from the main menu itself.

Gamers are greeted by a banner notifying “Congratulations, all vehicles have been unlocked for you to enjoy freely!”. They can now browse dream machines sorted by manufacturer, body type or performance stats to instantly spawn their choice. From 600hp super cars to rugged 4×4 trucks, every category lies waiting to be claimed and customized without virtual currency barriers. Additionally, hidden rare classics and prototypes get revealed, filling up seldom seen niches.

Players can now own prized collections ranging from vintage Jaguars to next-gen electric hyper SUV, giving creative freedom like never before. Best of all, every unlocked vehicle comes fully fueled and maintained for unlimited blasting on winding coastal roads. Modifications deliver the ultimate driving experience by removing all artificial gates holding back automotive fantasies.

Removal of Ads and No Internet Needed

One of the most disruptive “features” hindering seamless game play is the periodic ads which interrupt at every milestone to earn coins or resources. The unmodified game interrupts game sessions to play video clips which cannot be skipped. This becomes a major issue for binge playing long sessions. However, the mod cleverly bypasses such limitations by deleting all reference files and scripts related to ads. Now players can cleanly immerse in their game worlds uninterrupted.

Best of all, as a single player title, there is no major reason for internet dependence either. But the default settings display annoying alerts when network drops. The mod makes an easy configuration change, removing all online connection validations. It allows the entire game with all modes and cars to run smoothly offline anywhere, even without mobile data. This makes Driving School Simulator a true on-the-go experience that can be enjoyed extensively during long travel rides or commutes without network timeouts spoiling the fun.

Craft Unlimited Resources

Certain resources like coins and cash are essential for upgrades but their generation is restricted in-game. However, this modification adds an unlimited crafting component allowing production of endless currency at will. This helps remove all restrictions on shopping for new accessories. Players can now fully mod their vehicles as desired thanks to unlimited access to in-game crafting components without pesky wait times.

In conclusion, these extensive modifications positively amplify every aspect of the authentic driving school simulation experience for mobile. They empower players with unprecedented freedom to indulge in car collections, customization fantasies and competitive driving challenges anywhere, anytime at will. The elegant tweaks remove all artificial barriers holding back true motivation, delivering an always enjoyable, stress-free joyride through this automotive paradise. With millions already enjoying the vanilla title, these modifications make Driving School Simulator an even more engaging and highly repayable experience for all car lovers globally on mobile platforms.

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